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  • MAX Media Launcher is the perfect solution for everyone who already has a GBA-compatible storage device for their home brew and media, but wants to use it to store and play NDS games, apps and more.

  • With Games 'n' Music, you can launch home brew games written for the DS and downloaded from the internet, listen to your favorite sounds with the device’s integrated MP3 player or even watch videos. You don't need to modify your console to use it.

  • Get to the heart of your favourite Pokémon games on the Nintendo DSi, and unlock their best-kept secrets! With DSi Action Replay Ultimate Cheats for Pokémon, you can use all sorts of cheats and codes that can’t be achieved any other way.

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June 20th Xbox 360 dashboard update

Datel has learned that the performance of the following controllers for the Xbox 360 platform are affected by the June 20, 2012 Dashboard Update

  • TurboFire 2 / WildFire 2 controller
  • TurboFire EVO / Wildfire EVO controller
  • Power Racer 270 Steering Wheel

Datel is finalizing and issuing firmware updates to address incompatibility issues for each of these controllers

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