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Want the latest cheats for your 3DS and 3DS XL now? You need PowerSaves Prime. Gain early access to cheats and enhancements like extra lives, boosted powers, new weapons, unlocked levels, new characters and more!

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There’s no membership required - Simply pick up Prime Points through your Codejunkies account- just £0.99p and it’s instant!

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Prime gives you fast-track, priority access to cheats and enhancements before their general release.

‘So you can ‘Get now’ with Prime for instant access to the latest cheats and enhancements or check out the countdown timers to see when they’ll be available for free.

We’ll even let you know which games our team is working on and when you can get pre-release access.

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Power Points for Prime

Simply redeem Power Points to get instant access - You can buy just one Power Point or you can pick up 5 or 10 – the choice is yours and because they are tied to your Codejunkies account, it means that no one else can use them!

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Don’t forget, to access all of our amazing cheats and enhancements you’ll need one of our PowerSaves ultimate cheat devices.

You can access thousands of cheats already available for FREE on CodeJunkies for all your favourite games including; Pokemon, Zelda, Mario, Lego games and many, many more!

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