Cheat Codes for GTA: Vice City Stories [DE]

Platform: Sony PSP

16 Codes Found 


PSP Action replay works 100% with all firmware versions up to and including 6.20. Version 6.30 of PSP firmware is now available but currently Action Replay is not compatible with this version. In order to maintain full compatibility with Action Replay it is important that the user does not upgrade to this version until further notice.

  1. Max Cash

  2. Infinite Health

  3. Infinite Armor

  4. Infinite Breath

  5. Wanted Level Codes

  6. No Wanted Level

  7. Max Wanted Level

  8. Weapon Codes

  9. Jump Codes

  10. Car Damage Codes

  11. Timer Codes

  12. Speed Modifier Codes

  13. Weather Modifier Codes

  14. Car Codes

  15. Pedestrian Codes

  16. Other Codes