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  • Make the most of the AV output on your PSP Slim! With Datel's PSP Component Cable you can play your games and watch your movies on the big screen, in optimal picture quality.

  • Stylish, high quality headset for the PSP Slim that allows you to make the most of Skype, online gaming and media playback on your PSP.

  • An essential purchase for gamers on the move, Datel's Communicator Headsetallows you to play your games without disturbing those around you, and also chat in online games.

  • With Datel's Get Connected kit for PSP you can connect your PSP to your PC via USB and also manage your media files with ease using the unique Media Manager software supplied.

  • MaxCare UMD Cleaner cleans your UMD discs thoroughly and safely, and also repairs scratched PSP UMDs. Just slot it into the unit, which is powered buy batteries or your main PSP power lead, and press a button.

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June 20th Xbox 360 dashboard update

Datel has learned that the performance of the following controllers for the Xbox 360 platform are affected by the June 20, 2012 Dashboard Update

  • TurboFire 2 / WildFire 2 controller
  • TurboFire EVO / Wildfire EVO controller
  • Power Racer 270 Steering Wheel

Datel is finalizing and issuing firmware updates to address incompatibility issues for each of these controllers

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