Game Saves for Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles

Platform: Nintendo Wii, Last updated: 23/01/2009

3 COMMUNITY Game Saves Found
  1. 100 percent Complete! Everything Unlocked! Unlimited Ammo! Near 40 hours of work! Ever Single Level with S Rank on HARD! All files and items found! Secret Stage Unlocked! Unlimited AMMO WITH EVERY GUN (Upgraded to Lvl 5. Available after finding ever file and getting S Rank on all levels!) All weapons found! Enjoy Downloaded 617 times.
  2. Resident evil The Umbrella Chroncles Downloaded 52 times.
  3. Resident Evil_The Umbrella Chronicles All completed s ranking . infinate ammo Downloaded 641 times.
1 OFFICIAL Game Saves Found
  1. Start of the game (Normal difficulty) with Max upgrade stars
    Downloaded 3811 times.