GBA Action Replay for GBA/SP

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      It’s the greatest Game Boy game-enhancer ever! With Action Replay for Game Boy Advance and GBA SP, you can enhance and cheat your games in ways the programmers never intended.

      Action Replay for GBA/SP gets to the heart of your games with exciting cheats and codes. Give yourself infinite lives, infinite health, access all levels, have all vehicles and more. Best of all, it has cheats for all the GBA Pokémon games. At last you can catch ‘em all!

      It’s easy to use too. Just plug the Action Replay cart into your console, and insert the game into your Action Replay. It’s as simple as that! New codes are created all the time, so Action Replay never goes out of date. Just check out the new codes on


      • Cheat codes for GBA titles.
      • Cheats for the GBA Pokémon titles.
      • Give yourself infinite lives, infinite energy, all weapons and more.
      • Easy to use – just plug and play!
      • Regularly updated.

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      an action replay is priceless!!!
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      this is an amazing thing to have,u can use any cheat u want on GBA action replay! [:
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      Amazing piece of hardware. You can get pretty much any cheat you need for almost every GameBoy Advance game on the shelves!
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      Alle Cheats funktionieren
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      i am taking 2 stars off because there is no walk through walls code
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