MAX Drive 64MB for Xbox

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      MAX Drive is a USB device that fits into any of your Xbox™'s controller ports using a special adapter (supplied). Its massive 64MB capacity can store game saves from your standard memory cards for later use.

      If you're constantly running out of expensive memory cards, MAX Drive is the ideal solution. It can hold eight times the amount of saves possible on a standard Xbox™ card, and also transfer them to your PC using our dedicated MAX Drive software, which isn't available with any other flash drive.

      Storing your saves on your computer's hard drive gives you near-limitless space to archive game saves you're not currently using, but don't want to delete. It also helps protect your game saves against memory card failure, which is the most frustrating thing that can happen to any gamer. Ever got 95% of the way through a top title, only to see your card dump your saves? With MAX Drive, you can back them up to your PC so all is not lost in the event of a memory card failure or accidental deletion from your Xbox™.

      With your saves on your PC's hard drive, you can also email them to your friends using your PC's internet connection. Imagine having all that flexibility at your fingertips! Best of all, you can also download the latest game saves with in-built cheats from Datel's CodeJunkies server! MAX Drive comes supplied with all the PC software required to manage your save files on your computer.


      • 64MB flash drive.
      • Transfer saves to and from your PC.
      • Back up important data.
      • Email saves to your friends.

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