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      Action Replay DS uses real cheat codes to get to the heart of your Nintendo DS games, giving you enhancements such as Infinite Lives, Infinite Health, All Vehicles, All Levels and other exciting cheats.

      It’s really easy to use. You simply insert the supplied Action Replay cartridge into your DS or DS Lite, and switch on. When prompted, remove the Action Replay card and replace it with your game card. Action Replay recognises the title in question and offers you the title's code list. It's that easy! They're great codes too. For example, codes for the ever-popular Pokémon Platinum, Diamond and Pearl include Max Cash, All TMs & HMs, Pokedex 100% Complete, Walk Through Walls, Infinite Health, One-Hit Kill and more.

      Now with Cheat Codes for Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky cheat codes

      Like previous versions of Action Replay, Action Replay DS is fully updateable, so you don't need to buy a new one when new games are released; just update your Action Replay over the internet using the PC app supplied. You can also enter codes manually using Action Replay's virtual keyboard. Our code creators are always hard at work on the latest DS titles, so even the very latest games will be trained and tamed within hours of hitting the shelves.

      Action Replay DS is compatible with both the original DS and the DS Lite. To update the device, a PC running Windows XP, 2000 or Vista (32 bit) and connected to the internet is required


      • Compatible with DS and DS Lite.
      • Real cheat codes on your NDS.
      • Packed with codes for all the top games.
      • Easy to use.
      • Fully updateable via your PC.
      • Manual code entry now available.

      Pokemon DS Action Replay Video

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      This is awesome man! I used this with pokemon diamond and i got three shiny arceusses lvl 99! shiny modifier and level modifier are awesome
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      u gotta get action replay like i got 999 masterballs and i wasted the first one on palkia cause my olny pokemon was a lv 19 riolu
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      Exelent work. Pokemon pearl is so easy to play now. The shiny modifier is just awesome. Only a little glitch in Mario 64 DS but that is pretty cool acually. All of you who thinks this is expensive for just a little square wth a picture on it. Don´t think so. It is totaly worth it, belive me. And i didn´t think it was pretty expensive acually. Buy it, buy it.
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