PowerSaves for Amiibo™

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    Your gateway to amazing amiibo™ enhancements!

    PowerSaves™ is your gateway to amazing Amiibo™ enhancements - just imagine extra powers and more features in an instant!

    PowerSaves™ delivers codes and power-ups for all the great Amiibo™ characters.

    Simply place your Amiibo™ character on the PowerSaves™ platform and it is instantly recognized.

    Select from the hundreds of game-boosting profiles – select the ‘BOOST’ key and your character is ready to play like never before! An intuitive interface makes boosting your characters so easy.

    100% Secure – backup your Amiibo™ saves – don’t risk losing your valuable saves. Restore your save to the character or to Power Tag in seconds.

    But that’s not all - not only are there loads of existing codes for all the latest and greatest Amiibo™ characters - you can go online at any time and access the newest additions

    Simply connect the PowerSaves™ Portal to the USB port of your internet enabled MAC or PC and give yourself the edge!

    Power Tag

    • Back up your Amiibo™ saves – don’t risk losing your valuable saves.
    • Restore your character to Power Tag in seconds.
    • Use Power Tag to try out new saves for your character.
    • Wipe Power Tag and back up a different save.

    Compatiable with Amiibo™ on

    • Nintendo Switch
    • Nintendo 3DS/3DS XL
    • Nintendo Wii U

    Nintendo Discalmer

    Product Reviews

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    It works very well!! I wish there were updates where people can modify and/or delete backups from the software instead of modifying and/or deleting them from a folder. I also think there should be options to configure the power tags back to their factory default settings.
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    Worked just as expected, absolutely loving it, I'm extremely happy with my purchase!
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    Really like it. It's a little bit expensive if you would ask me but it's very good working on games like SSB (Super smash Brothers) and TLO Zelda BOTW (Breath of the Wild) i cant wait to try it on Mario Kart 8. This is so much worth it.
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    Great product. Works as advertised and very easy to set up. Already ordered me a 10 pack of powertags for all my games.
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    Stunning ! Works like a charm ! A must have, thanks codejunkies !!!!
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