Powersaves Prime for The Legend of Zelda Tri Force Heroes (US)

Powersaves Prime for The Legend of Zelda Tri Force Heroes (EU) EF001203

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Download cheats and enhancements for The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes today with PowerSaves Prime! Teamed up with two other Links, journey to defeat evil bosses and solve puzzles to progress through the game.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the unusually large file size of this game, the speed of your internet connection speed and the high demand for Zelda: Tri Force Heroes downloads may take longer and you may be put into a queue. Please be patient and follow the client on screen instructions so that you may backup your saves and receive cheat codes as soon as we are able to process your request.


Please note that to use the Powersaves Prime release codes you must already have:

  • A purchased copy of the game
  • A Powersaves Pro ultimate cheat device

Prime Content

Codes - 71 in total

      • Max Rupees
      • Lady's glasses
      • Lady's Collar
      • Lady's parasol
      • Frilly Fabric
      • Friendly Token
      • Freebie
      • Blob Jelly
      • Armos Spirit
      • Tektite Shell
      • Sweet Shroom
      • Blin Bling
      • Gohma's Eye
      • Mystery Jade
      • Supple Leaf
      • Fresh Kelp
      • Zora Scale
      • Hytopian Silk
      • Aqua Crown
      • Octorok Sucker
      • Fairy Dust
      • Rainbow Coral
      • Thornberry
      • Goron Ore
      • Monster Guts
      • Demon Fossil
      • Rugged Horn
      • Kodongo Tail
      • Keese Wing
      • Star Fragment
      • Divine Whiskers
      • Fluffy Fuzz
      • Tiny Snowflake
      • Serpent Fang
      • Crimson Shell
      • Freezard Water
      • Chill Stone
      • Ice Rose
      • Beastie Plaster
      • Stiff Puff
      • Silver Thread
      • Royal Ring
      • Antique Coin
      • Fancy Fabric
      • Exquisite Lace
      • Vibrant Brooch
      • Brittle Papyrus
      • Palm Cone
      • Ancient Fin
      • Vintage Linen
      • Gibdo Bandage
      • Stal Skull
      • Sandy Ribbon
      • Crystal Skull
      • Golden Insect
      • Carrumpkin
      • Mystery Extract
      • Spider Silk Lace
      • Poe Soul
      • Twisted Twig
      • Lava Drop
      • Sanctuary Mask
      • Gold Dust
      • Cucco Feathers
      • Carmine Pearl
      • Sky Dragon Tail
      • Pretty Plume
      • Mock Fairy
      • Aurora Stone
      • Steel Mask
      • Fabled Butterfly

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