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      Use Freeloader EUROPEAN version to play imported games on your unmodified European Nintendo Wii. To use Freeloader you must be running Wii firmware 3.2 or lower.

      IMPORTANT! - Compatibility with Wii Firmware 3.3x and higher

      Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond our control Wii Freeloader is not compatible with Wii firmware 3.3 and higher (released as an online update 17/06/2008).

      You can continue to use Wii Freeloader perfectly with any Wii console running firmware 3.2 and below. Identify which firmware version you're running.

      Videogamers the world over get really frustrated when games are released in other territories long before they reach the shops in their home country, if they ever get released at all. You want to play that blockbuster survival horror offering which is out in Japan three months before it hits the shelves anywhere else? What about the gridiron football or NBL baseball game that’s never released outside the States? With Wii FreeLoader, you can play ANY region of game on your European Wii!

      Wii FreeLoader is really easy to use. Simply insert your FreeLoader disc and load it in the usual way. When the drive stops, eject the Wii FreeLoader disc and insert the game, which then loads and plays just like it would on its own region of Wii. It’s as simple as that!

      Wii FreeLoader is 100% unofficial, and requires no modifications to your console. As well as letting you play Wii games from all regions, Wii FreeLoader also works with some imported GameCube games when played on your Wii. It won’t work in a GameCube console, though – for that, you need Freeloader for GameCube, also available from Codejunkies…

      NOTE: This version of Wii FreeLoader is for use on European PAL consoles. If you imported your Wii from the States, and now want to play local games as well as imports, you will need the American version. If you have a Japanese console you will need the Japanese version of FreeLoader.


      • Play ANY region of Wii game on a European Wii.
      • Easy to use.
      • No console modification required.
      • Play games never released in your region.
      • Play local games on your imported console.
      • 100% unofficial.

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      Very similair to the old GCN-Freeloader, and as simple to use. Insert your freeloader and it will do its job automatically. In a very stylish way, the screen began to stretch and it took a few seconds to load, then booted my game perfectly. On the whole, a very good utility, and a must buy for every importoholic like myself.
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      Works well with Wii games, but not good compatibility with import Gamecube games: Doesn't support RGB cables, the screen turns red/green when using them.

      Codejunkies Reply: Wii Freeloader is intended for Wii games. There are unavoidable compatibility issues with GameCube games where the loader shell forces PAL or NTSC. For trouble free import GameCube games on your Wii use GameCube Freeloader.

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      This is a great product and i have used since the day it came out to play the ultimate wii game : Super Smash Bros. Brawl IT ROCKS!!! BUY IT!
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      a little scared at first when it wouldnt work, but after a few minutes of toggling settings, its all so good! DAMN THANKS! :D Also, for the people who need to know, smash brothers works perfectly with the update.
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      Awsome product and it is about time it came out!!!! Been playing super smash bros. brawl for a few days now and it is amazing. Won't work with Naruto EX1 even thought I haven't updated since 3.2E. How do I get this working Datel? Other than that 1 game, it is probably the best thing to happen to the wii!!!
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