Drive – Race – Customize with SuperSports 3X:

Drive – Race – Customize with SuperSports 3X

With the plethora of A list racing titles available for PS3 and PC alike, and especially the king of all racing titles Gran Turismo 5, we’ve been hard at work creating the mother of all racing wheels.

A racing wheel that not only delivers superior control to deal with the rigours of the race track, but a precision engineered masterpiece that also enhances your race games - giving you the gaming edge.

Say hello to the SuperSports 3X.

Supersports 3X is a Multiformat wheel that can be used with your PS3 and PC.

Packed with features, you can feel every crash, smash and jolt with SuperSport 3X’s Dual Vibration feedback. It has wheel mounted twin shift paddles and sequential gear shift, recreating F1 style control.

Its self centring wheel provides enhanced straight line performance, and twin accelerator and brake racing pedals add to the realism. Add to this rubber wheel grips for comfort and stability during extended racing sessions, and you can see why this wheel is so special.

But what’s even more exciting is its supercool Customizer feature which lets you race tune the wheel the way you want to play. Simply connect SuperSports 3X to the USB port of any online-enabled PC to access 3x's built-in Customizer profile. From here you can download a whole host of custom created driving settings and enhancements for the biggest and best racing games including;

Gran Turismo 5, MotorStorm, Formula 1 2010, Dirt 2, GRID, Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit, Pure, Need for Speed Shift and Burnout Paradise.

Choose to set Deadzone control to increase or decrease the parameters of your vehicles racing lines - Apply sensitivity boost to increase the sensitivity of the wheel - Vary the speed of turbo mode - Use button mapping to custom set your preferred button configuration.

Once you've selected your custom configuration, settings will be stored on the SuperSports 3X, ready to use in-game.

Serious about racing games?

Get SuperSports 3X!

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