Game Saves for Monster Hunter Freedom 2

Platform: Sony PSP, Last updated: 05/10/2010


PSP Action replay works 100% with all firmware versions up to and including 6.20. Version 6.30 of PSP firmware is now available but currently Action Replay is not compatible with this version. In order to maintain full compatibility with Action Replay it is important that the user does not upgrade to this version until further notice.

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  1. STUPID Male character 10k Iron katana and full mafumofu lvl 1. Lots of ores some bugs. HR 1 and 1 star chief quests. Please download the extra quests ppllleeeeaaaaasssssseeeeeee!!!!!!!! thanks in advance Downloaded 31 times.
  2. super save important mhf2 save Downloaded 129 times.
  3. templer Downloaded 6 times.
  4. the best hunter rank 1 in the world male called freedom has a hell load of armor and wepons got up to 5 * guests full kirin,bangalo,hermitar,naily full dora,black blade ,kirin bolt indora, dude check it out for your self plz vote (0-0) Downloaded 190 times.
  5. the best of the best the best armor in the game, the best weapons, hunter rang 6 and lots of money Downloaded 41 times.
  6. THE BEST SAVE EVER all quests nearly all weapons and armor and max money Downloaded 1035 times.
  7. the best save from me all quests done many weapons and armor!!!!!!! Downloaded 1926 times.
  8. the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!! good save girl and two boys Downloaded 162 times.
  9. the Next Shizz please macke akamu 10 times, thx!^^ Downloaded 106 times.
  10. This is a good save from Maximillian Please can anybody hack the attack from this save I really need it to kill the white fata when you can help me thanks! Downloaded 14 times.
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