Update to the latest version of Action Replay Xbox

To accommodate the growing Action Replay Xbox community and Powersaves, the PC software has been overhauled, enhanced and improved! This update is required, and must be performed in order to carry on accessing online content.


The following improvements to the software have been made:


* All saves available are now shown (content had previously been limited).

* Opening game folders is now over ten times faster.

* The software is more stable.


To install this update, follow these steps


   1. Do NOT uninstall your current Action Replay for Xbox software. If you`ve already done so, reinstall it from your software disc.

   2. Download the updated software from the bottom of this page.

   3. Make sure your Action Replay Xbox PC software is not running.

   4. Run the downloaded software and follow the onscreen instructions.

Download description Size Downloaded
Action Replay Xbox v1.40  4153845  2645 times 
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