Converting your old format (pre-1.04) gamesaves into the new format (1.04+)

Carefully follow these steps:


1. First of all, locate your GBA/DS Max Drive installation folder, this will probably be something like:


C:\Program Files\Datel\Nintendo DS - GBA Max Drive


In this folder will be another folder called `PC`, open this folder and find your Nintendogs save. It will have the file extension `dss`. So for example it may be called `Nintendogs.dss`. In fact all `dss` saves can be converted from version 1.01 to later versions so if you don`t know which one is the Nintendogs save then you can follow this process for all.


2. Create a folder on your deskop called `Old Saves` (right click the desktop, select New, then Folder, then right click the folder - called New Folder - and click Rename).


COPY (don`t cut in case you need to retry) the DSS files to this folder.


3. Rename each file from the DSS extension to DUC - eg from Nintendogs.dss to Nintendogs.duc .


4. Now open the latest version of the pc application. Navigate to the screen which shows the PC tree and the Max Drive Vault Tree (where you usually copy to and from the PC and the DS )


5. On the PC side, third from the left is a button which looks like a green vice and has a blue arrow pointing down. (to the right is another button with a green vice)


Click this button (third from the left), you will now be able to navigate to the desktop, to the folder you created, and by clicking one of the .duc files and then Open, this will import it into your PC application.


6. You can now send this new format save to your Action Replay GBA / DS (it will work ten times faster too!).

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