WildFire and WildFire 2 Wireless Controller Customizer


Product: WildFire and WildFire 2 Wireless Controller
Platform: XBox 360
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Originally posted: 29/09/2010
Last updated: 22/06/2012
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Whilst upgrading your controller’s firmware, please ensure that your Xbox 360 is powered off at the mains

If you have an older version of the WildFire 2 Wireless Controller Customizer installed. Please ensure that the program is not running before installing the latest version.


Please note if the automatic headset detection does not work follow the instructions below

  1. Firmly insert the headset.
  2. Press and hold the BACK, START and HOME buttons together for approximately 2 seconds.
  3. Release the buttons.

After following the above procedure, to remove the headset connection repeat the instructions or remove the battery pack to return the controller to the original operation.

Download description Size Downloaded Added
Wildfire Customizer User Guide  806912  5765 times  12/11/2010 
Wildfire Wireless Controller Customizer 1.9  7.3MB  2355 times  27/07/2015 
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