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Product: PowerRacer 270
Platform: XBox 360
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Originally posted: 20/07/2011
Last updated: 24/08/2011
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The Power Racer 270 Customizer is a free downloadable PC application which allows the customization of the three pre-set Power Racer 270 profiles. Using the Power Racer 270 Customizer and the USB Data/Charge Cable (supplied), for each of Power Racer 270 profiles you can change the button layout, wheel sensitivity and turn on or off the different indicator lights. This is particularly useful for users who may wish to have different layouts and sensitivity settings for the same game stored under different profiles.

This fantastic feature gives you the ultimate freedom to customize the Power Racer 270 for how you want to play and best of all it is completely free. If you have an older version of the Power Racer 270 Customizer installed. Please ensure that the program is not running before installing the latest version.

Downloadable from below is the latest version of the Power Racer 270 Customizer and a user guide which explains the usage of the software.

Download description Size Downloaded Added
Power Racer 270 Customizer Guide  692224  5583 times  24/08/2011 
Power Racer 270 Customizer Guide IT  745472  3328 times  07/09/2011 
Power Racer 270 Customizer 1.3  1388544  12812 times  26/06/2012 
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