My DS no longer detects when my Action Replay DS has been inserted

On rare occasions, it’s possible that an Action Replay DS may no longer be detected when a console is powered on with the product inserted.

The indication that the console is no longer detecting the Action Replay DS is that after the Nintendo DS `Warning – Health and Safety` message is displayed, instead of the Action Replay DS loading, the options listed below are shown on the console`s touchscreen instead.


DS Download play

There is no DS card inserted

There is no Game Pack inserted

The only advice we can offer to try and resolve this problem is to try wiping the contacts on the rear of the Action Replay DS cartridge to check if there may be anything on the contacts which may be affecting the product from been read by the console.

If you find the Action Replay DS is still not detected by the DS, we would advise you to contact the point of purchase to arrange the replacement of the product under warranty. If the product was purchased from the Codejunkies website, please contact us confirming your order number and confirming the problem which you are experiencing.

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